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Vigorous Spring
This blog is 100% dedicated to Thranduil and will feature gifs and edits from both the movies and behind the scenes. Articles and interviews that are relevant to the character will also be present. So basically, anything regarding Thranduil will be featured on this blog.

This blog is run by Sandra aka Thranduilings, who is worryingly attached to this beautifully written character.


so i have this headcanon that, because thranduil leaves mirkwood so little, any language other than elvish is a bit rusty and sometimes he’ll forget random words, but he wont ever ask legolas bc hes too proud, so he just sort of makes them up, and legolas wills always just be like ‘ada just say it in elvish and i’ll translate the word for you, stop beING STUBBORN’ ‘NO SON IM A KING I DONT NEED UR HELP’ 


As the great wealth of the Dwarves grew, their store of good will ran thin. No one knows exactly what began the rift. The Elves say the Dwarves stole their treasure. The Dwarves tell another tale. They say the Elf King refused to give them their rightful pay.

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↳Thranduil vs.Thorin
"Such is the nature of evil,in time all foul things come forth!"

T h e   f l a m e s   o f   w a r   a r e   u p o n   y o u .

"Other lands are not my concern…"