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This blog is 100% dedicated to Thranduil and will feature gifs and edits from both the movies and behind the scenes. Articles and interviews that are relevant to the character will also be present. So basically, anything regarding Thranduil will be featured on this blog.

This blog is run by Sandra aka Thranduilings, who is worryingly attached to this beautifully written character.
Hobbit article in the german “Cinema” (October)


Hi! So many ask me about the Hobbit article in the “Cinema”. And as I said, there are not many spoilers, 
HOWEVER, one spoiler is for any Thranduil fans a little yummy  :D So, if you dont wanna know it, stop reading now.

I try it to quote it, please tell me, if my english is totally wrong. :)

Orcs and Elves fight at the foot of Erebor where the orcs are defeated by the elves. (YAY)

After the massacres looks Thranduil, King of the mirkwood elves, angry and sad at the same time on the fallen comrades and the dead orcs, (The scene in the trailer), as Gandalf pulls him out of his thoughts. The Wizard pleads Thranduil for help in the fight against the forces of darkness. But he replies just: “The elves have shed enough blood in this country already.” 

(Poor Thrandy *cry*  )
(Then Peters says: Thanks! XD )

The Elf on the Thranduil & Peter picture is not Legolas, I think it’s his Doubel.

Apart from that, it is talked about the set, that Gandalf loves the third part because it makes a connection to the “Lord of the Rings”, about Martin (Bilbo) and his chain-Mithril armor, ect. Nothing more about Thrandy ;)

I hope my english was good enough >.<


but here in this kingdom, we will endure.

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Thranduil taking care of his orichds
i saw these scans and i fuckin cant get over thranduils hobby